"What motivated your company to produce these products?" 

  We felt that there was a significant gap in the market for a straightforward, passive range of products 
  that were simple to use and highly effective. Many companies’ products were and are still ridiculously 
  expensive. They explain this away by trying to ‘blind’ the user with pseudo science and unnecessarily 
  complex gadgets. 

The success of our company stems from all those involved being audiophiles. Therefore,
  our philosophy can be summarised as:
  • To allow audio/visual systems to recreate that which was created at source 

     e.g. in the recording 
    studio, as accurately and neutrally as they are capable of.
  • Ideally, the system must not add any colouration whatsoever to the original.

  • A significant part of this process is achieved through eliminating unwanted

     vibrations, resonance 
    and distortion. This allows each individual component 
    of the system to work in harmony and produce
    final outcome greater than the sum of its parts (synergy).