"After spending several weeks with Valhalla Technology's vibration dampening feet under my components and speakers, I've come to view such “tweaks” less as accessories than integral for bringing out the best in equipment."

"I tucked VT Feet under a variety of CD players, amplifiers and speakers and enjoyed positive results in all cases."

"With the VT Feet, I noticed an improvement in definition, where instruments occupied their own space in the soundstage and didn't spill over onto their companions. Voices, too, had greater impact and better definition. Overall, music sounded less congested and bloated, with a better sense of dynamics. Components operated quieter." 

"....these Feet are winners and I won't go back to my un-dampened days again."

Todd Whitesel is the former editor of Goldmine and Discoveries magazines and current contributing writer for Goldmine, Limewire and his own ClassicRockMusicBlog.com

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The links below refer to other articles where AVRev has mentioned Valhalla Technology or in which our products were chosen as part of their system setup equipment used for reviewing other companies' products.




“Britain’s most advanced recording studio” (Daily Mail - Top UK Newspaper) 

Since this article appeared the studio have tried VT Feet and said:

“Used VT Feet to de-couple our Yamaha NS-10 monitors and the sound is much more defined, especially the bottom end. I will use them on all the other monitors that engineers bring to their sessions. I'm full of praise for such an easily applicable solution!” 

Werner Freistaetter - Chief Recording Engineer  
U2, Kayne West, Depeche Mode, The Sugababes, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), Detroit Social Club, DJ Ironik, Chris Potter, La Roux, Glasvegas, Polly Scattergood, P J Harvey, Defend Moscow, The Hours, Julian Peretta, The Yeah Yous, White Belt Yellow Tag, Zero 7……




VT Feet - Using them with some Focal Twin 6 mid-sized monitors, they have tightened up the bass end and the stereo imaging has been much improved. This is what speakers were designed to sound like. Great !!” 
Angus Wallace – Founder and Chief Engineer (Ampex Golden Reel Award 2000)
Toyah Willcox, Earl Thomas, Sherman Robertson, The Fall, Wishbone Ash, Devon Sproule, 
EMI, Polydor, Universal, Fierce Panda, BMG, Trojan, Creation, Sony Playstation, MTV, Audi, Volkswagen

Producers and Engineers: 
Neil Mc Lellan - The Prodigy, Erasure, Madonna/Orbital, Mike Bennett - The Fall, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Ian Brown, The Beat, Dan Frampton – Lionel Richie, Westlife, Dido


POPMUSIC STUDIOS (DK)  www.popmusic.dk   

“VT  Feet means the sound is more focused, the bass response tighter and resonance problems caused by vibrations are cleared up. Highly recommended  

Holger Lagerfeldt - Grammy nominated Producer of the Year DK, 50+ gold/platinum records  
Aqua, Anna David, Barcode Brothers, Blue Eyes, DJ Alligator, S Club 7, SOAP, Toy-Box, Blaa Oejne, X Factor Album (DK), BMG, Columbia, Danish National Broadcasting Corporation, EMI Music, Konami, Ministry of Sound, Namco, Roland, Sony Music, TV Denmark, Universal, Warner/Chappell 



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“We are really glad to have such a great product in our studio. At the beginning we were very sceptical. How can such a small and apparently simple product make such an improvement in our sound?  However, after using VT Feet with our Genelecs we found that the low/mids as well as the spatial definition have improved a lot. Definitely a must have for all serious professionals!!” 

Pedro Janela - Head Engineer
Arya, Caffeine, Funky Messenger, Luís Portugal, João PortugalWray Gunn, Belle Chase Hotel, Squeeze These Please, Bunny Runch, D3Ö 

Producer and Engineer: 
Tony Cohen - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Mick Harvey, The Birthday Party, The Go Betweens, Delicattessen


"I have tried several other brands with my NHT speakers but found them either ineffective or too bulky for my setup. What I found instantly with these pads was a clearer mid.  These speakers are already very detailed and the pads enhanced this further.  The bass end was also more defined. Thanks again for the chance to evaluate these beauties." 

Mark Hutchinson – Resident Producer / Engineer 
New Cassettes, Snake Davis saxophonist, Dirty Mac, Camouflage, Tim Van Eyken, Emerald Sky, Mark Da Costa, Ashley Hutchings, The Outsiders, BBC, British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB), Talking Elephant Records, Navigator Records, Navras Records


VINYL CARVERS (UK)  www.vinylcarvers.com   

“Our lathes behave like seismographs e.g. due to wooden flooring, so sometimes footsteps get recorded onto vinyl which leaves it unusable. However, thanks to your VT Feet, the waste will now be kept to a minimum. These things do a great job and work like a charm.” 

Professional mastering and vinyl record makers whose clients include:
Legendary Selecta Festus Coxsone, DJ Darc Marc (Purenoise Records), Chocotec Music, Bloc Records, Guile, Triology Sound Crew, Bare-Records, Black Grass, Framingo Records, DJ Tayzer, Muzikfranz, Ragga Jungle, Aron Shamash (Reggae News), DJP, Ken Worthing, DJ StormaMan

Examples of customer feedback:

Thomas Mogensen (DK)
"Tried VT Feet 30 with my Infinity Kappa 90 speakers and the soundstage was suddenly much calmer, the resonance problems I had previously disappeared and the bass was much more accurate and detailed. I was impressed and the difference was very significant. A friend who was present agreed entirely. Easy to install and highly recommended.  6/6 "

Paul Graville (UK)
"Wooden floors and great sound don’t usually go together too well. But now I have my VT Feet 15. I can 'have my cake and eat it'. They sound great, look unobtrusive and cause no damage."

Jens Kaas Benner, M.Sc. (DK)
"My lx 1000 loudspeakers from JBL are huge and play well and very loud. Anyway, my neighbour doesn’t really like them, and I can understand why. Listening to my music through the floor is reallynot that attractive, right?  So what to do?

I went to the specialist audio store Hi-Fi Klubben and asked their advice. I was recommended VT Feet from Valhalla Technology and told that this product would also improve the sound quality - I would be able to clearly hear the difference straightaway. Right!

I went home and installed VT Feet underneath my loudspeakers and …. what an improvement! 
These feet truly make a difference with much more depth and improved sound. I am impressed!
Good job Valhalla Technology." 

Further feedback and discussion regarding Valhalla Technology, VT Feet and its other products can be found 
on the sites listed below. Many are Scandinavian language orientated, however, both 
Google and Microsoft 
provide useful free online translation facilities.

www.minhembio.com with VT gallery section
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