"I think I'll just use a piece of foam I've got at home - it'll probably work just as well" 

errrm....think again!!  We only use materials that are specifically engineered for the task required.

  • Our specially formulated hi-tech VT compounds differ significantly from standard materials, foams
    and other household items.
  • Understanding and controlling a multitude of factors determines whether a product achieves the 
    desired results. Even slightly adjusting just 1 parameter out of many will produce a material with 
    inferior properties. When composite materials are used, as is the case with a number of our products,
    the situation becomes even more complex. Only through expertise knowledge in this field, extensive 
    R&D and listening tests can success be achieved.


   Why do you think our products are used by Hi-Fi specialists, enthusiasts, recording studios etc throughout the world?  
    The answer is simple  .... they choose to have their systems run optimally rather than tolerating underperformance !