"VT Feet 15,25,30 and Spike Feet Deluxe base - what characteristics do these materials exhibit?"  

These products use VT special microporous, microcellular open celled polyurethane foam. It was 
developed in order to exhibit the following attributes:

  • Excellent vibration damping /isolation performance 
  • Exceptional  resistance to  compression-set resistance (collapse)
  • Extreme  impact absorption ability enabling durable, long-term cushioning performance. 
    In side-by-side drop weight tests, it outperforms vinyl sponge, neoprene  sponge, sponge rubber,
    latex foam and solid viscoelastic
  • Ability to withstand constant, repeated deflection
  • Supports stability and balance
  • Highly flexible
  • High density and resiliency
  • Will not become brittle and crumble
  • Non corrosive to metal
  • Extreme stable performance over a broad range of temperatures

Still think that these high tech products are just “any old piece of foam”