"VT Feet compress when placed under my equipment. Is that OK?" 

The weight guide for VT Feet was carefully devised in order to preserve optimum functioning of the feet.
It is important to understand the difference between the following terms:

  • Compression is a force that tends to decrease a dimension (e.g. volume, length ) with a resulting increase in density.
  • Deformation is a transformation through excessive force resulting in an alteration of form for the worse.

VT Feet 5 and 7 have been designed using a specially engineered material that performs with excellence for 
light/medium weight equipment.The material will perform optimally within the weight specifications but may deform
if overloaded. Over-compression will  lead to inefficient decoupling and reduced performance.

VT Feet 15, 25 and 30 are produced from our very special hi-tech material that is designed for medium to 
heavy speakers. It's superb ability to resist deformation whilst functioning optimally make this material unrivalled. 
During development, one set of trials involved subjecting VT Feet 30 to 110 kg front heavy Dali Mega line speakers 
for 6 weeks. Subsequent examination of the material revealed no sign of deformation.