"If VT Feet are the cornerstone of your sound philosophy why sell spike products?"

   We set out the facts and respect the choice made by the user. Should the customer prefer to go the 
  spike route, we offer solutions to the problems inherent in this approach. Through extensive R&D trials
  and listening tests we have developed a unique range of spike composite shoes that tackle vibration
  issues whilst preventing
 spike damage to the floor surface.
 Our original spike shoe, VT Spike Feet, 
  continues to be a best seller whilst the elegant VT Spike Feet Deluxe and top of the range product, 
  VT Spike Feet Prestige, provide the customer with additional options
 to to suit all budgets. Finally, 
  we produce VT Spike System which is our own high quality complete solution. We present the facts,
  you make an informed choice.