"What equipment can be improved by using your anti-vibration products?" 

ur cost effective anti-vibration damping products can be used in almost any situation where there 
 is a need to isolate equipment from undesirable vibrations that degrade both sound  and video quality 
 of a given system. These vibrations may be coming up directly through the contact surface toward 
 the feet or alternatively being transferred downwards from equipment. Also, they occur via airborne
 induced resonance. Vibrations can be generated in numerous ways: motor units, cooling fans and 
 transformers are particularly problematic. Examples of equipment that would benefit from our products: 
  • All types of loudspeaker including centre, subwoofer and electrostatics.
  • Turntables – these are extremely sensitive to vibrations.
  • Both vacuum tube and solid state electronic systems.
  • Optical disc reading equipment, where vibrations affect the player’s tracking and focusing ability. 
    Included in this category are CD, DVD, HD-DVD, SACD and Blu-Ray players and therefore game
    consoles such as Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo machines. In addition, damping vibrations will 
    allow the consoles to operate quieter.
  • Amps and pre-amps. This includes addressing the issue of power supply humming.
  • Home cinema systems and other video components.

  • PC’s operate more quietly with reduced vibration transference from cooling fans and transformers.