"What benefits are most often noted in A/V systems when using VT vibration damping products?"

The following is a summary of the improvements most frequently observed and given in feedback 
from delighted customers worldwide.


  • Increased clarity
  • Superior dynamics
  • Reduced graininess
  • More focused sound
  • Better spatial definition
  • Improved stereo imaging
  • Tighter bass response and superior range
  • Improved detail, precision and resolution across all volumes
  • Clearer and more natural vocal and instrumental timbres (tone quality/colour)


  • Improved stability
  • Better colour accuracy
  • Greater dimension and depth
  • Cleaner and less pixellated image
  • Superior resolution and picture quality


  • Improved stationing and stability of equipment
  • Prevents damage to surfaces
  • Reduces antisocial noise pollution being transferred through building structure to adjoining rooms and neighbours